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00:00 -!- Netsplit a.irc.net <-> b.irc.net quits: usera, userb, userc 00:00 -!- Netsplit over, joins: usera, userb, ...

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)


See user statistics for IRC networks and IRC channels and find IRC servers and ports ... netsplit.de provides extensive information about the Internet Relay Chat ...

Netsplit - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


In computer networking, mainly Internet Relay Chat (IRC), netsplit is the event when two servers disconnect. Because how IRC networks are built, ...

What's a Netsplit? « GeekShed IRC


If you've been on an IRC network any length of time, you've seen something like this scrolling up your screen: Quits: ted (ScaleEngine.

Netsplit — Википедия


usera has quit (a.irc.net b.irc.net) * userb has quit (a.irc.net b.irc.net) * userc has quit (a.irc.net b.irc.net) ...

Netsplit – Wikipedia


Netsplit ist ein Begriff aus dem Internet Relay Chat und bezeichnet eine Verbindungsunterbrechung innerhalb eines IRC-Netzwerkes, wobei dieses in zwei ...

There are some nice irc networks listed on http://irc.netsplit.de I ...


There are some nice irc networks listed on http://irc.netsplit.de. I actually use /list and join new channels from time to time!

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Français : Netsplit sur les serveurs de Freenode le 27 janvier 2009. Plusieurs netsplits sont survenus dans la même heure. (Client IRC utilisé : fr:Chatzilla).

IRC netsplits, spanning trees and distributed state


Jul 4, 2013 ... IRC netsplits, spanning trees and distributed state. I last used IRC in a meaningful way at a prior job. There was a channel where I would spend ...

FurNet (IRC) - WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia


Feb 9, 2019 ... FurNet IRC statistics - Connection attempts of the last 2 days. Retrieved 2014 July 16; ↑ #TechFurs, FurNet IRC statistics on irc.netsplit.de.

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